Our Approach

Helping organisations to make more human connections with the people who matter to their success.

We understand that influence is no longer bought in today’s more personalised world.


People need to feel differently to change the way they think or act. This demands that organisations make individual connections at a more human level.
transparency of information

The democratisation and transparency of information in society has shifted the balance of power against those in authority, enabling ordinary people to better hold all organisations and individuals to account.

emotional authenticity

Greater transparency means organisations need to change the way they interact with people. As we become overwhelmed by facts and wearied by different versions of the truth, organisations need to develop a human connection and emotional authenticity that goes beyond understanding and aims to build belief.

compelling stories

Belief is a potent asset for any organisation. It is the difference between awareness and action. Derived from core truths, belief is built through compelling stories and a consistent experience of an organisation across thousands of touch points. Inside and out.

Our Credo

Organisations with strong values and a defined sense of their own worth to society will enjoy a competitive advantage and a more sustainable future.

We set out to strengthen organisations prepared to take a broad view of value creation, and by extension enhance the lives and prospects of those they come into contact with.

Our belief is that the sustainability of Eterna Partners is enhanced by building brands and reputation for the long term.