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US Soccer

Dixons Carphone and World Cup 2026

Dixons Carphone’s communications response to their IT security breach needed no upgrade compared to Talk Talk’s 2015 hack. And USA’s enthusiasm for the World Cup despite not appearing in the finals...


Central banking comms and a corporate rebrand

Communications around monetary policy and central bank actions are delicate and fumbled at one’s peril and a look at Statoil which has done a fair job tackling the notoriously tricky corporate exercise of rebranding.


Mc Donald

We’re lovin’ it

McDonald’s demonstrated a steely confidence in the face of brand attacks, and Bloomberg’s questions to the Adidas CEO on Kanye West.



Shooting the messengers

Replaying organisational responses and injecting a more human response. This week's dispatch: The Florida shooting and the KFC Chicken Crisis.


monkey business

Monkey business

This week: Volkswagen's response to emissions testing on monkeys, the BBC, Teresa May and The Darkest Hour



Post Truth: what does it mean for companies?

Our scepticism of specialists and experts has begun to pollute a much bigger ecology of knowledge and practice in society – consuming the areas of media, politics, science and business.  How can organisations respond?