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Clean cut reputation? Tiffany’s move to sell ‘ethical’ diamonds

Has Tiffany polished away the diamond market’s sustainability problems through its recently implemented certificate to demonstrate the provenance of their diamonds?  The company has launched a new service giving buyers geographic information about their sparkler’s origin. This week saw the latest leg of

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Until #MeToo, a well-run business faced with a sexual harassment complaint usually kept things quiet even if they fired someone after an investigation. No longer. This week, accountancy firm Deloitte managed to make a virtue of firing 20 partners for sexual harassment

Say cheese

A peppy 25-year-old Uber executive was filmed scooting across the floor of the New York Stock Exchange this week, promoting Uber’s new Jump Scooter at a time when the company is considering its listing. Pursued by a youthful member of the

Vegan backlash cows Waitrose carnivore

Given its aspirational, health laden and environmentally mindful value proposition UK supermarket Waitrose and Partners must have been spluttering over their oat milk lattes when they saw the editor of their Waitrose Magazine, William Sitwell, lambast vegans this week. When a freelance

The decline and fall of Unilever’s Davos Man

After hubris, nemesis. Unilever’s Paul Polman, the proto purpose-driven capitalist and sustainability seer, has been undone by none other than his own shareholders. Now facing almost certain defenestration along with chairman Marijn Dekkers after a botched effort to move Unilever’s


The wisdom of solomon

Reflecting on 10 years since the financial crisis, the fortunes of ur-investment bank Goldman Sachs could hardly have been more different to its one time rival Lehman Brothers. This week saw the book end of the tenure of one of its

Veritas vos liberabit

The horrific legacy of child abuse in the Catholic Church was thrown into focus this week when Pope Francis visited Ireland for the World Meeting of Families gathering.

nitish meena

ICE, ICE, Baby

Employee activism is the latest pressure point for companies when thinking about their reputation

US Soccer

Dixons Carphone and World Cup 2026

Dixons Carphone’s communications response to their IT security breach needed no upgrade compared to Talk Talk’s 2015 hack. And USA’s enthusiasm for the World Cup despite not appearing in the finals


Central banking comms and a corporate rebrand

Communications around monetary policy and central bank actions are delicate and fumbled at one’s peril and a look at Statoil which has done a fair job tackling the notoriously tricky corporate exercise of rebranding.

Mc Donald

We’re lovin’ it

McDonald’s demonstrated a steely confidence in the face of brand attacks, and Bloomberg’s questions to the Adidas CEO on Kanye West.


Shooting the messengers

Replaying organisational responses and injecting a more human response. This week's dispatch: The Florida shooting and the KFC Chicken Crisis.

monkey business

Monkey business

This week: Volkswagen's response to emissions testing on monkeys, the BBC, Teresa May and The Darkest Hour