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28 Days Later

Canary Wharf is a marvel, from Michael Heseltine’s dream of The Docklands Development Corporation, to Paul Reichmann’s Olympia & York, who saw a gap in the market with the demise of tired old expensive City infrastructure and a new way

The smartest guys in the room?

McKinsey & Company is an enormously successful 100-year-old brand which is a trusted adviser to the world’s largest companies, several of which are run by McKinsey alumni. But reputation, as someone once said, eats brand for lunch. For the last

Showing your metal

For the financial services sector, which has done a middling job since the crisis in demonstrating how it has become a better corporate citizen, sustainability is an especially arduous challenge. As intermediaries, market structure providers need to persuade that their

F*** The Corporate

Could the anti-racist protests demonstrate a new normal that companies need to prepare for? On a call with a client this week, I witnessed a black member of the corporate communications team’s raw anger at the way her company had responded

Supermarket Sweep

In face of extraordinary operational pressures following the onslaught of Covid-19, most of the UK supermarkets have been sticking to the go-to maxim for brands in a national crisis:  “if you haven’t got anything supportive to say, don’t say it.” As

Why do we fall, Master Wayne?

It has been a difficult week where individuals and families have had to pick themselves up and adjust to the new environment. And it has been challenging for companies, experiencing the problems with dealing with workforce welfare, operational problems related

Ring o’ Roses

In Albert Camus’ novel La Peste, a fictitious city in North Africa is quarantined due to an outbreak of deadly bubonic plague. Authorities dictate that newspapers rally the populace with the (fake) news that the pestilence is under control. If the

Ear Today, gone tomorrow?

The Times' decision this week to launch a new radio station targeting “disenfranchised” BBC Radio 4 and 5 Live listeners was news to make BBC bosses’ ears bleed, already roiled by job cuts and falling listener numbers. The explosion of political news in

Pinky and Perky

Succession planners in the corporate world should this week behold and praise the manner of the handover of the reins of the Financial Times editorship. Lionel Barber stepped down and in his place Roula Khalaf will be taking over in January.

Flights of fancy

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s "most effective tools in currying favour with the rich and famous was access to his corporate jet", Felix Salmon of the US political newsletter Axios said this week. Commentators have periodically raised the question whether it is acceptable in

It’s my life

Summer holidays etc As many of us are winding down at work, crafting our out of office messages and thinking of our annual two weeks’ paid leave, the staff of Molson Coors UK & Ireland may be forgiven to feel a

(Anti) trust me, I’m a tech company

Navigating anti-trust laws As yet another freely-available piece of social technology launches, with an ‘AR’ version of Google Maps, ‘Big Tech’ itself seems in need of some navigation skills, as it faces multiple break-up calls. This week Makan Delrahim, the US Department of

Royale with cheese?

The Royal birth “Politics is about what divides us,” one of Queen Elizabeth’s former courtiers was once reported to have said, adding:  “Monarchy is about what unites us.” In the Brexit-weary UK, news organisations greeted the birth of a Royal baby this

Boeing’s handling of the 737 Max 8 airplane crash

Boeing’s communications efforts following of the crash last Sunday of one of their 737 Max 8 airplanes have contrasted poorly with the those of the flight operator, Ethiopian Airlines. The CEO of the African airline Tewolde Gebremariam seemingly demonstrated a