Tailored stakeholder mapping and integrated communications to launch product expansion

Stakeholder engagement and advocacy 



Tellimer, a leading emerging markets information and data provider, was focused on the expansion of its product suite and wanted to enhance its market presence. They aimed to effectively engage a diverse range of investors, including both retail and institutional stakeholders, to differentiate Tellimer's offer in various markets.   



Using our knowledge of investor preferences and market dynamics, Eterna devised a customised approach tailored to each stakeholder group. Rigorous analysis and mapping enabled the identification of key stakeholders aligned with Tellimer's value proposition. Eterna crafted compelling messages and differentiated communication strategies, accentuating the benefits of Tellimer's expanded product suite.  To bolster Tellimer's visibility, Eterna adopted an integrated communications approach. Collaborating with Tier 1 international outlets, high-quality media coverage was secured, positioning Tellimer as a trusted thought leader. This included news releases, interviews, and opinion pieces, which captured the attention of potential stakeholders. Eterna also implemented targeted engagement initiatives, including emails, social media campaigns, and digital advertising, to directly interact with investors, generating awareness and driving adoption of Tellimer's product suite.   



As a result of the campaign, Tellimer successfully launched its expanded product suite with significant updates that enhanced its functionalities. The campaign not only distinguished Tellimer's offer but also established the company as a respected and innovative player in the industry. Eterna's communication of the value proposition facilitated sustained success and the cultivation of strong stakeholder relationships for Tellimer.