Pepper | Advantage

Creating and implementing a global narrative to reposition a rapidly transforming business

Stakeholder research and intelligence



Pepper’s loan servicing business was undergoing a rapid transformation. It’s traditional mortgage servicing business in the UK and Ireland was becoming increasingly sophisticated, utilising new technology and data analytics. At the same time, Pepper was expanding across Europe and Asia, and servicing new forms of credit.  Pepper needed to create and implement a new global narrative to articulate this transformation into a global credit management company to their stakeholders, one which was flexible enough to move with the business on its journey.



Eterna developed a global narrative for the new corporate entity, ‘Pepper Advantage’, which would be home to Pepper’s rapidly transforming credit management business. This brand was soon announced to a new group of carefully selected stakeholders.  Eterna then developed strategic pillars – stories Pepper Advantage would tell – to deliver the global narrative. This included a regular drumbeat of announcements to underline the pace at which the business was changing, as well as credit intelligence reports, shared with media, to demonstrate the business’ burgeoning data capabilities.



Pepper Advantage’s story continues to develop rapidly as the business changes. Credit intelligence reports created by data analytics have been picked up by media and received favourably by clients, while announcements continue to demonstrate the speed at which the business is transforming.