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Communications scenario planning for potential reputational damage

Reputation risk, issues and crisis management 

Reputation risk, issues and crisis management 


Faced with an imminent lawsuit, a prominent multibank foreign exchange platform turned to Eterna for assistance to mitigate potential reputational damage associated with this legal issue.



Working closely with internal and external legal counsel and the management team, Eterna delivered a comprehensive assessment of the impending lawsuit, evaluating the potential implications for the client's reputation. To ensure the client's effective navigation of the legal proceedings, we swiftly prepared detailed scenario plans for potential outcomes, including customer, regulatory, internal and media communications as well as comprehensive Q&A and holding statements, in order to address potential inquiries or concerns that could arise during this critical period. We implemented a robust monitoring system, encompassing media coverage tracking, analysing public sentiment, and identifying emerging issues relevant to the case in order to respond quickly to developing events.



The client was fully prepared from a comms perspective for legal engagement by the suing party. Handling of the matter was executed with an understanding of the constraints and opportunities of the legal process. We anticipated, managed and reacted to these reputational risks to achieve the clients’ goals through the litigation process.