Launching a new digital assets derivatives exchange amidst crypto asset volatility and global regulatory uncertainty

Stakeholder engagement and advocacy

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As the UK’s first regulated and centrally cleared trading venue dedicated to digital asset derivatives. GFO-X needed to quickly establish themselves with stakeholders ahead of launch. With the backdrop of global crypto regulatory uncertainty and high crypto asset volatility, the challenge was to differentiate GFO-X from the unregulated exchanges and retail spot market which had been the subject of high profile failures and scandals.



We strategically positioned GFO-X as the stable, regulated and centrally cleared alternative in the UK market and as champions of safe, transparent trading of digital assets. Emphasising the pedigree of senior management and FCA authorisation more than 12 months prior to launch, we announced GFO-X's landmark partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group to centrally clear digital asset derivatives through LCH SA, the first of such partnerships in the UK. On the back of this momentum, we launched a major Tier 1 media, roadshow for senior management to promote their value proposition and positioning.



The LCH announcement was placed across all Tier 1 media effectively establishing GFO-X as UK champions for regulated digital assets trading and thus perfectly positioned the company for go live and attract potential further funding. Eterna drove a briefing programme for GFO-X’s CEO to media, digital stakeholders. From a standing start, GFO-X has now become one of the foremost proponents of a move to bring digital assets into mainstream finance.