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UK Gambling industry's first cross-sector sustainability strategy and campaign

Regulatory and public affairs


The UK gambling industry is facing a critical threat to its long-term license to trade.  A relentless campaign against the sector’s business practices by former gamblers, numerous charities, the Church of England, a cross-party group of MPs, the NHS and several major media outlets, threatens to roll back over a decade of gambling liberalisation.  Rebuilding stakeholder trust in this environment is made more complex by historic divisions between gambling operators and the commercial pressures exerted by a consumer shift to online.

“The first time that the major operators from across the sector had agreed to work together.”


Eterna Partners worked with the Senet Group and the gambling sector’s new trade association, the Betting and Gaming Council, to develop a strategic business change programme that addressed the key sustainability challenges faced by operators.  This was the first time that the major operators from across the sector had agreed to work together on a collaborative and coordinated response to stakeholder concerns. Through a working group that had to overcome longstanding mistrust between operators, Eterna Partners and The Senet Group forged a powerful consensus for progressive change in the sector, echoing the same journey followed by the alcohol industry in its own move to accept accountability for social harms.

“Endorsed by the secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport, and the Gambling Commission regulator.”


The Safer Gambling Commitments were launched in November 2019 and represented a five-year roadmap of business reform.  Endorsed by the secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport, and the Gambling Commission regulator, the Safer Gambling Commitments now represent the basis of the sector’s sustainability strategy as the Government reviews the 2005 Gambling Act.  Progress on meeting the Commitments continues to be made under Betting and Gaming Council.