Redefining value proposition and strategic positioning to attract funding

Capital markets communications


AccessFintech, an innovative fintech start-up, engaged the services of Eterna Partners in July 2019 after securing its Series A financing. Eterna was tasked with the challenge of elucidating AccessFintech's multifaceted value proposition to diverse stakeholders within the financial services community, while strategically positioning the start-up for subsequent rounds of funding within a timeframe of twelve months. 



Eterna initiated the expansion of AccessFintech's online presence, starting with the creation of a new value proposition, website and streamlining social media platforms while enhancing brand assets. Collaborating closely with AccessFintech's executive team, Eterna crafted a focused strategic communication campaign. This included tailored social media content and frequent news releases, highlighting notable client acquisitions such as J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, and Janus Henderson Investors. The campaign also encompassed the creation of a quarterly company newsletter and strategic media outreach efforts. 



Eterna's integrated approach yielded impressive outcomes, establishing a substantial media presence through extensive coverage in trade press and garnering a substantial following and engagement on its LinkedIn network. Eterna also secured valuable speaking opportunities for AccessFintech on esteemed panels at renowned industry conferences like FIA-SIFMA AMD. Notably, despite challenging market conditions, AccessFintech successfully secured $20 million in Series B funding in October 2020, followed by an impressive $65 million in Series C funding in January 2023.